Amaris International, LLC is a nationally certified green consulting and real estate development firm based in Michigan. Our team of Certified Green Consultants™, and Builders is committed
to teaching green awareness, solving green problems and implementing an affordable and practical green management system that will provide significant cost savings and increase health and safety quality for businesses and corporations of ANY size along with communities and other local, state and federal entities.

The Amaris International, LLC mission is to provide quality, cost-effective commercial and residential green consulting and building services that will yield significant cost savings and the highest level of environmental safety and efficiency.

Our team of green experts will work hands-on with your company, residence or project team to guide it to meeting serious green practices and industry standards.

The LEED certification is great for new buildings and renovations. However, it can be very costly for existing businesses.

Therefore, Amaris International, LLC is the perfect solution for helping existing businesses that are not LEED certified become green certified by earning a nationally recognized green building certification through the nation’s largest and most reputable green consulting organization and business network – The Green Business League.

Earning a Green Business League Certification is EARNED, NOT BOUGHT!

Undoubtedly, you have already seen a few websites that will list you as a Green Business for a few hundred dollars and a promise to follow their generalized Ten Green Principles. These are scams that are a disservice to the need for serious action by businesses everywhere.

Businesses use 39% of our energy consumption, which includes 71% of the electricity. They emit 39% of the C02 gases, produce over 30% of the waste into landfills. They also use 12% of the potable water and 30% of all raw products.

It doesn't matter if you rent, lease or own your facility. Changes in the operation of the company are intensely important. Our Green Management Guide offers a step-by-step guide to affordable changes applicable to any business. If you earn 100 points by voluntary changes in your operation, you will actually "Earn, not Buy" your Green Business Certification.

The Green Business League certification demonstrates your knowledge of the green industry and environmental awareness and shows your commitment to the community as a green leader.

Additional perks of earning a national GBL green business certification are as follows:

• National and local recognition as a certified green business, supplier and leader in the environmental sustainability community
• Included in world-wide green certified business directory
• Continuous Green Consultant™ services and guidance throughout the year on a month-to-month basis
• Continuing education through monthly industry newsletter – the “Green Management Guide”, which keeps businesses and consultants informed of the latest green trends and fosters awareness

To learn more about the Green Business League, please visit

The Green Business League (GBL) is a federally trademarked organization that has trained over 250 green professionals and businesses world-wide.
Witness the power and magnitude of the nation’s largest network and resource provider of green businesses and consultants by viewing the GBL National Network Directory

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